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West Coast Turnaround is a unique blend of hit-worthy originals, kick-ass Southern Country-Rock and Country classics performed by some of the hottest players this side of Nashville.

A  Rocky, Twangy, Dancy’ kinda’ thing…

All seasoned pros with national credits, the group is fun, and engaging on-stage.

With original songs about Harley's, black cats, civil war battles and southern cooking, the sets are fun, different, eclectic and entertaining.

The original songs by Steven Gregory will entertain and the classic country tunes will have you scootin' yer boots and polishing yer buckle.


These are LIVE recordings of both original tunes and selective covers  in practice settings..

No studio tricks here.

This is WCT Live and real ... every night.

We would love to play for you sometime..
Please take a look and let us know if you think we might fit your room.

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